Tailgate / Sports Event

Tail gate beer beverage dispensing equipment

When you want chilled beer from the tap, My New Friend is the solution.  Perfect for tailgating at your favorite sporting events, our portable beer dispenser will make your tailgate the place to be. Tailgating is a staple for sporting events and we want you to enjoy.  Let us help make your pre-party the best part of the day.

My New Friend I Beer Dispenser

My New Friend I

Whether you’re waiting for the race to begin or getting ready for a football game, you don’t want to miss a single minute.  Run out of beer and you’ll have to leave the tailgate party.  But with our beer dispensing equipment, you’ll enjoy chilled beer from start to finish.

Don’t waste your time or money on an ice chest full of bottles or cans.  Each of the four My New Friend beer dispensers offers durability, rust-resistant stainless steel construction, and incredible ease of use. For large tailgate events, we suggest the My New Friend I.   All you have to do is hook up any sized keg and add the ice.

My New Friend II Beer & Beverage Dispenser

My New Friend II

In mere minutes, you’ll have chilled beer flowing through the tap.  And with a built-in digital thermometer display, you’ll know the exact temperature of every cold brew you pour. With enough internal storage for up to a full-size keg, a portable ice bin with a convenient cutting board lid, and a reversible faucet for flexible pouring, there’s nothing this portable beer dispenser can’t do.

My New Friend II is a portable, stainless steel unit specifically designed to enhance your tailgate party.  You can share two varieties of ice-cold beer without electricity.  Storing up to 40 pounds of ice, and other items you want to keep cold, this beer dispenser will be the highlight of your tailgating experience.

With its small footprint and advanced heat exchange technology to, the My New Friend II allows you to hook up and pour a variety of ice-cold beer using only ice.  With its large ice bin, you can also use this device to keep your food items and other beverages cold.


Host a tailgating party that no one will forget with My New Friend beer dispensing equipment.  Whether you’re just looking for a good time with friends, or hosting a company tailgate, My New Friend is the perfect way to keep the guests coming and the beer flowing.