Large Venue Concession

Stadium / Large Venue Beer Dispensing Equipment

My New Friend beer dispensers are the perfect solution for beverage vendors at stadiums, arenas, concert halls, special event centers, as well as other large venues.  From basketball games to weddings, our portable dispensers are used to keep guests coming and chilled beverages flowing without the hassle of plugging in to an electrical outlet.

My New Friend I Beer Dispenser

My New Friend I

When you have an event at a large venue, you need sturdy equipment to properly provide for the large number of guests in attendance.  Whether you’re looking to serve soda, cold coffee, or beer, you want your beverages to be the perfect chilled temperature every time.

We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure specific dispensing requirements are met with precision and ease.  From the full size My New Friend I to the more compact My New Friend II, each is designed for quick and seamless dispensing of beer and other chilled beverages.    If you’re looking for a beverage dispenser for concession stands or moving around a large venue, My New Friend beer dispensing equipment offers portability, ease of setup and use, and durable, rust-resistant construction.

My New Friend II Beer & Beverage Dispenser

My New Friend II

Featuring internal storage for a full size keg, and large heavy-duty tires for easy mobility, the My New Friend I beer dispenser is designed for use at large venues such as stadiums, arenas, and concert halls.  It has plenty of exterior space for advertising, and contains a patented heat exchange device that uses ice to cool down the beer.  Simply hook up the keg and add ice – within minutes you’ll have ice-cold beer flowing through the tap.  The built-in digital thermometer displays the exact temperature of every cold brew you pour.

The My New Friend I beer dispenser internal storage contains the full-size keg, CO2 bottle and waste bin.  On top, it also features a potable ice bin with a convenient cutting board lid, as well as a reversible faucet for flexible pouring.

The My New Friend I beer dispensers can be used at large venues to meet the demands of a range of customers.  But don’t discount our small footprint dispenser.  My New Friend II is smaller, but can be used at stands throughout the venue to quickly serve customers.

My New Friend II dispensers contain a patented heat exchange device that uses ice to cool down the beverage without the need for power or refrigeration.  It features sturdy, compact, rust-resistant construction and easy setup and use.  My New Friend II also allows you to share two different varieties of ice-cold beer or chilled beverages.

From the smaller stands to the larger fixed concessions, large venues call for flexible, easy-to-use beverage dispensers to meet the demands of a variety of audiences.  With My New Friend, you don’t have to worry about electricity and can serve your customers ice-cold beverages within minutes after setup.  That’s a win-win.