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There’s nothing quite like a refreshing chilled beer poured right from the tap in the comfort of your own home.  The My New Friend ® beverage dispenser is perfect for home breweries and bars.  Available in a variety of configurations and sizes, My New Friend ® beer dispensers enhance your home brew enjoyment by serving your beer on tap quickly and easily.

Whether you’re hosting a party or looking for an intimate night in, the My New Friend ® beer dispenser equipment transforms any night into an occasion. With our portable system, you’ll enjoy chilled draft beer from anywhere inside or outside your house.

We understand the value of versatile beer dispensing features.  That’s why our My New Friend dispensers offer portable, easy to use, rugged and rust-resistant stainless steel construction.

My New Friend II Beer & Beverage Dispenser

My New Friend II


My New Friend ® II is specifically designed to enhance your home brewing experience.  This system offers allows for serving two varieties of ice-cold beverages without electricity.  Simply hook up any size keg and add ice.  In minutes, you’ll have chilled beer flowing through the tap.  The My New Friend ® II also features storage for up to 40 pounds of ice and other items you need to keep cold.

For large home bars, we suggest the My New Friend ® I with a reversible faucet for flexible pouring. It features a built-in digital thermometer display, so you’ll know the exact temperature of ever cold brew you pour. Other great features on the My New Friend ® I include a convenient cutting board lid over the potable ice bin.

The My New Friend I beer dispensers can be used at large venues to meet the demands of a range of customers.  But don’t discount our small footprint dispensers.  My New Friend II is smaller, but can be used at stands throughout the venue to quickly serve customers.

My New Friend I Beer Dispenser

My New Friend I

From a pool party to the garage to the media room and more, there’s nowhere your My New Friend ® beer dispenser can’t be used.  Because of the unique heat exchanger technology, no electricity is required to chill your beer.  Just add ice and hook up the keg for a refreshing flow of ice-cold beer.

Get the portable beer dispenser for your home bar with superior heat exchange technology—My New Friend ®.  Transform your home brewery and enjoy refreshing, chilled beverages in your own home.