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To keep drinks coming quickly and seamlessly at catered events, you need a dispensing system that is portable, and easy to set up and use in minutes.  We also understand the strict demands of the rental industry.  Having dependable equipment that will last for years to come is crucial.  That’s why we’ve created the My New Friend beverage dispensing systems.

My New Friend I Beer Dispenser

My New Friend I

From work events to weddings, and everything in between, there’s no shortage of uses for the My New Friend beverage dispensers.  These systems provide ice-cold beverages on tap for customers and guests to enjoy in minutes – without electricity.  From beer to cold coffee, lemonade to soda, My New Friend can serve them all.

The My New Friend I dispenser is simple to use—just hook up the keg and add ice.  In minutes, you’ll have chilled beverage flowing through the tap.  This unit has a built-in digital thermometer display with the exact temperature of every drink you pour.

My New Friend II Beer Beverage Dispenser

My New Friend II

My New Friend I features sturdy, rust-resistant construction and large, heavy-duty tires for easy mobility.  With a reversible faucet for flexible pouring and an ice bin with a cutting board lid, your clients will find this beverage dispenser convenient and easy to use.

With the option to share two varieties of ice-cold beverage, the My New Friend II dispenser is a good choice for the catering industry.  Storing up to 40 pounds of ice and other items you want kept cold, this unit is perfect for catered events.

My New Friend II uses an innovative heat exchanger to chill beverages quickly instead of bulky and bothersome traditional coils.